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I founded the Hendrix Music Academy charity in 2009. All I have ever wanted to do is to help kids in our neighborhood. I saw a problem, and I wanted to use what little resources I have to fix it. And being able to celebrate my uncle's legacy and music is truly an honor and a responsibility that I have always taken very seriously. I know he would be proud of all that we've accomplished and that we will continue to share his love of music with children from all walks of life. Please donate today to help us continue our mission. 

My grandfather, Al Hendrix, along with my father, Leon Hendrix, have always been caring and giving people. Together, they founded the James Marshall (Jimi) Hendrix foundation in 1984. Through the foundation, they were able to help their community in many ways, like helping a nursing home in Seattle's historic black neighborhood to stay open. 

In 1970, Jimi passed away, unexpectedly at 27 years old. He died without a will.  My grandfather, Al Hendrix inherited Jimi's estate.


At the time of Jimi's death, my grandfather was a lifelong landscaper with a 4th grade education. He was a also a lifelong alcoholic. However, he loved his sons and did his very best in taking care of Jimi's family with the estate proceeds.


Both sides of Jimi's family benefitted from the estate, even on Jimi and Leon's mother's side of the family. My grandfather never acted like it was his money, and he did what Jimi would have done. He paid for our first family home. He created trust funds for me and my siblings. He supported Jimi's mother's side of the family, as they had cared for Jimi and Leon in during their childhood. He was always there to meet all of the Hendrix and Jeter family needs. We were truly blessed. Jimi had broken the cycle of generational poverty in the Hendrix family. 

My siblings and I had always been taken care of by our grandfather, Al.  When I was born, he added me into his will, and 6 subsequent wills throughout the years. He also added my siblings as they were born. We were his closest living relatives, his descendants. He had always taken care of us in life. He was our loving grandpa. Why were we not in his final will? We were always on good terms, and we are still Jimi's closest living relatives. 


In his later years of life, he started relying on his second wife's daughter to handle his business affairs. I would go visit my grandfather, and he'd be sitting at his desk in the family room with 4 inch stacks of papers. I would say,  "What you doing grandpa?" He would say, "Oh nothing much, just signing these papers Janie gave me. He wasn't reading them, he was just flipping through pages, and signing. I asked him if was reading them and he said that he didn't need to. I didn't think much of it at the time. I was wrong not to.  

Now, Experience Hendrix, LLC., is run by the daughter of my grandfather's second wife, Ayoka Jinka. Ayoka Jinka met my grandfather, Al Hendrix, AFTER Jimi was already a rock star. I think June was a gold digger, possibly the most successful Rock N Roll gold digger of all time. That's what mostly all of Jimi's biological family believes.

Ayoka Jinka was living in poverty when my grandfather met her.  My grandfather and dad actually took them into their humble home out of the kindness of their hearts. My grandfather had been alone for a while and he was very vulnerable and lonely. 


June pressured my grandfather to marry her,  and then to adopt her youngest daughter, Janie. My grandfather was a good man, to me, and he treated his grandchildren extremely well. In our opinion, my grandfather only made two disastrous legacy mistakes in life. One was when he agreed to marry Ayoka Jinka.  The second mistake was trusting her daughter, Janie to take care of Jimi's family through the estate.

Janie misleads the public and Jimi's fans by claiming that she's Jimi's "half sister," and that Jimi's estate is being run by the "Hendrix family." She also misleads the public when she claims that the estate disputes are "family feuds," when in reality it has always been the Hendrix Family defending itself against the Jinka takeover of Jimi's legacy.  

Jimi and our other Hendrix family members are Black American descendants of slavery, with a small amount of Native American blood, like many black people in America.  There is no Japanese or German ancestry in the Hendrix Bloodline.

Janie used the racist court system and managed to gain control of everything Jimi Hendrix.  Jimi's name, likeness and image are all being controlled by a white woman, under the guise that she is a "Hendrix." Janie constantly whitewashes Jimi's image whenever she can, and at the same time she attempts to appear "black." Her actions have and continue to be devastating to our entire Hendrix family as we watch her continually distort Jimi's true legacy and meaning, in such a racist fashion, all for a profit.  

Janie's biological father was a European German Soldier, NOT an African-American man.  She reminds me of Rachel Dolezal, the white woman that presented herself as black.  All over the world, Jimi fans believe that Janie is actually black due to her claiming that my grandfather was her real father, and that she was Jimi's half-sister.  I just want to clear up the confusion.  I mean she already has control of all of Jimi's money, and doesn't use the estate proceeds to help any to Jimi's real family. She uses the Hendrix name and gave the name to her sons, as well. She has diluted the Hendrix family name with her actions. 

Janie also misleads the public into thinking that her and Jimi actually had a sibling relationship so that it seems Jimi left his estate to her.


Janie only seen Jimi while she was a small child, on three very brief occasions.  She was between 6 and 9 years old each time the adult rockstar Jimi came home to Seattle and would come to see his father, and brother.  They were strangers at best. According to Sharon Lawrence Book about Jimi, the Man the Magic the Truth, Jimi was surprised to meet his father's new wife, Ayoka Jinka, as well as Ayoka's daughter, Janie. He expressed his discomfort with Ayoka making him take many photos with her and Janie during his brief trips. He also expressed his disgust when Ayoka Jinka asked him about his will. Sharon's book is a must-read for Jimi fans. Jimi allowed Sharon to tape record their interviews. 

But what does a young Rock Star really have to say to a 6 year old girl that he just met? I'm sure it was brief and cordial. Jimi came to visit twice more before he passed away in 1970.  Janie says that Jimi asked her "to take care of him."  I find that hard to believe.  She also claimed that when Jimi died, my grandfather "swooped her up and told her that things won't be the same." What's not the same about not seeing someone that you really never seen much before anyway? 

To make things worse for the real Hendrix family members, Janie renamed her 5 sons from their birth names of Wright, to Hendrix. Now they have Jimi's money and the name and use it to torture the real Hendrix family members. She has gone so far as to sue Jimi's own brother, Leon, to prevent him from even saying his brother's name in public. 

Experience Hendrix has continued to use Jimi's money to sue Jimi's own brother, Leon, whom Jimi practically raised, to the point of financial destitution. They have also sued Leon to stop him from being able to play any of his brother's songs on stage, though he had been doing so for decades without incident. They even sued him to stop him from saying his brother's name in interviews.  Leon is no longer allowed to create and sell drawings and paintings of his big brother, even though my dad had been honoring Jimi through art for decades. It's very sad in our family. We feel very oppressed and cut out of the legacy, which truly is ours. 

My dad, Leon is the younger brother of a rock legend, and was raised in the same home with Jimi. Of course he knows the story of their childhood, but because of Experience Hendrix's multiple lawsuits, he will never be able to tell those stories about him and Jimi. Instead, Janie goes around the world, speaking and talking about Jimi's life, even though she wasn't even there or born during Jimi's childhood. She does not know the story, but is constantly releasing books about Jimi. 

Janie's son Austin Wright, goes by the name A. Hendrix on social media and loves to troll me and doxx me.  I think it's his job to watch all of my social media and tell his mother, Janie if I mention Jimi, or have a picture of Jimi on my wall, or if I'm listening to Jimi's music on social media.  Experience Hendrix, LLC. even launched a website called to divert traffic from my charity's website which is, and onto their fake website which goes to no where. Fans have been asking me what happened to my website. The trolling needs to stop. 

In 2020, Experience Hendrix sued me and the Hendrix Music Academy. They sought to have me give up the name Hendrix. They sought to have the school closed down. They slandered my name with false claims.   I have never done anything but run the Free music school for kids. Luckily, I won the lawsuit, but it was damaging to myself and the school. There were over $50,000 in legal fees to defend myself and fight for my own name.  One of my lawyers did some pro bono work because she admired the charitable work that I was doing with Hendrix Music Academy. But it takes more than one lawyer to fight a multi-million dollar corporation, so there were legal expenses that weren't covered, and to this day, my small charity is still paying off legal debts caused by Experience Hendrix's frivolous lawsuit. 

Janie and Experience Hendrix continue to threaten the Hendrix Music Academy with frivolous lawsuits that keep us in a state of anxiety and legal peril. Her latest threat is that I must stop using the Hendrix Music Academy logo that we have steadily used since 2010, or she will sue me.  Under the law called laches, we have the right to continue to do so, but that has not stopped them from threatening me and my charity. 

There are so many more indignities that the REAL Hendrix family has endured at the hands of Janie and Experience Hendrix. My only hope is that the world discovers the truth about Janie and her corporation and stops supporting her financially by purchasing over commercialized Jimi junk and re-re-re-re-released music that she claims to have produced! To me, that is an insult to Jimi since he was a musical genius who wrote and produced mostly all of his music, when she was a small child. I hope the fans know that Janie did not "produce" any of Jimi's music, even though she puts her name on everything these days. It's a shame to rewrite Jimi's true history. 

I suggest the fans use their old vinyl records, tapes, or cd's and stop purchasing anything from Experience Hendrix, because when you do, you empower this greedy corporation to harm Jimi's real family. She's making millions of dollars off of the fans, and they actually think that each purchase helps Jimi's family.  


How is Experience Hendrix a family owned corporation?  They are the family of Ayoka Jinka, a fascinating woman who started off in an interment camp and ended up making her entire family Rock N Roll benefactors, at the expense of Jimi's true family. Ayoka is legendary in this sense. She's in my opinion one of the most successful Rock N Roll Gold-diggers of all time. I feel her daughter Janie has just taken over where Ayoka left off. Now Janie, in my opinion, is the biggest Rock N Roll fraud alive. 

Stand with the REAL Hendrix family, by NOT giving your money to Experience Hendrix, LLC. Support the Hendrix Music Academy, a Not-for Profit charity serving the youth since 2009! Thank you. 

Tina Hendrix 


Hendrix Music Academy


So, in summary, Janie and Experience Hendrix, LLC, has successfully sued Jimi's brother, Leon Hendrix, to prevent us from using my dad’s art in the future. Hendrix Music Academy can no longer use any of my dad's art for our student's and volunteer's uniforms. I just don’t understand how any of this is harming Janie or her Corporations. Janie Jinka has control of Jimi's estate. She has used Jimi's money to sue Jimi's own brother to the point of near destitution. What hurts more is her dilution of our family name by herself and her sons. This is so heartbreaking and painful for the original biological Hendrix Family. It's confusing to the fans, and totally misleading. To make things more confusing, Experience Hendrix LLC has recently stolen the Hendrix Music Academy name to create a website called that diverts our supporters to her website.  We are a small not-for profit being bullied by a multi-million dollar corporation, but still we rise! I'm sure Jimi would have preferred to have his hard earned legacy take care of his loved ones, his family, his baby brother, the real Hendrix family.  But unfortunately, Janie only uses Jimi's legacy to make millions in profits, sue Jimi's own brother, and niece, and benefit herself and her 5 sons who have also hijacked the family name. I am determined to continue to honor Jimi by providing much needed educational services to kids from Jimi's old neighborhoods. We really need your help! Please donate today! 

Thank you for your support 

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